: ABC Channel Television Schedule

ABC is an American commercial broadcast television network : Find here a brief History of the Channel and a direct link to the TV Shows and Programs Schedule

ABC Channel in Canada/Quebec

ABC television, the American Broadcasting Company, began in 1943 as a radio network by Edward J. Noble. In 1948 it expanded to include television when it debuted its first broadcast in Philadelphia.

After a lengthy process it merged with United Paramount Theaters in the mid-1950's. This led the way for Hollywood's film industry to join television studios to begin producing shows like the long-running The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Long Ranger. In 1953 Disney and ABC began working together for the first time.

The 1960's saw the emergence of color shows, and by the launch of Monday Night Football in 1970, it was a major rival of both NBC and CBS. The network became known as ABC Inc. in 1996 when it was purchased by Disney.

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